Doctor Honoris Causa in Arts

                                                   Curriculum vitae 


        Mihail Kamberov was born on November 20, 1952 in Sofia, . Mihail Kamberov frequented School of Arts in Sofia until 1973. From 1976 to 1981 he studies painting in the National Academy of Fine Arts. Mihail Kamberov works and lives in Sofia . He is married and father of one son.



  • Founder of Foundation Kamberov aiming at the development of Bulgarian fine Arts;  
  • Owner of two Art Galleries Mihail Kamberov in Sofia 

                                                 An Honored member of:  

  • The Union of Bulgarian Artists - 1978  
  • The General Assembly of the Autumn Salon in Paris – 1993;  
  • The International Academy for Contemporary Art in – 1995;  
  • The European Art Group of the National Federation of French Culture.
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